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2013 WEM Honorees


Joyce Baumann


Monica Bowler


Marty Brandl


Deborah Krohn


Amanda Meyer

St. Clair

Siah St. Clair


Terese Trekell


Congratulations 2013 WEM Honorees!
Ethics in Education Award: This award recognizes educators who exemplify ethical behavior for the teaching profession and promote ethical practices and development for their students through classroom activities or curriculum.

Statewide honorees:
  • Monica Bowler – Friedell Middle School, Rochester Public Schools
  • Deborah Krohn – Garlough Environmental Magnet School, West St. Paul – Mendota Heights – Eagan Area Schools
Regional honorees:
  • Kelli Hanninen – Rossman Elementary School, Detroit Lakes Public Schools
  • Gretchen Sage-Martinson – Avalon School, St. Paul.
Teacher Achievement Award: This award recognizes teachers who support, inspire and assist students to achieve despite barriers to learning.  

Statewide honorees:
  • Marty Brandl – Marshall High School, Marshall Public Schools
  • Terese Trekell – Gideon Pond Elementary, Burnsville-Eagan-Savage Schools
Regional honorees:
  • Meredith Huikko – Delano Elementary School, Delano Public Schools
  • Ulla Tervo-Desnick – Expo Elementary, St. Paul Public Schools 
Academic Challenge Coach Award: This award recognizes coaches of student teams who participate and compete in academic challenge or enrichment programs endorsed by the Minnesota Academic League Council. 
Statewide honorees:
  • Joyce Baumann – Cold Springs Elementary, ROCORI Area School District
  • Amanda Meyer – Springfield High School, Springfield Public Schools
Regional honorees:
  • Lois Johnson – Willow River High School, Willow River Independent School District
  • Jodi Prchal – Falcon Ridge Elementary, New Prague Area Schools
Excellence in Education Award
This awards was created to celebrate and recognize superior contributions of educators whose leadership and dedication inspire a spirit of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities outside the traditional education system and classroom.
Statewide honoree:
  • Siah St. Clair –  Former Director, Springbook Nature Center

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