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The Citizens for an Ethical Minnesota steering committee invites, “Minnesotans of all walks of life, of all religions and ethnic groups, of every party and profession” to support the vision, mission and goals of the initiative as set forth in the endorsement letter.  Endorsement will provide the needed convening power to rally those who will commit to making a better civic future for our state. 
Endorsers of the vision, mission and goals:
  • Gary Amoroso, Executive Director, Minnesota Association of School Administrators
  • Craig Anderson, Principal, St. Paul Schools
  • Kathryn Blackburn, Executive Director, TregoEd
  • Gina Blayney, President, Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest
  • Laura Bloomberg, Executive Director, Center for Integrative Leadership, University of Minnesota
  • Matt Bostrom, Ramsey County Sheriff
  • Arthur Brown, Ph.D. student, University of Minnesota
  • Dr. Robert Brown, Professor Emeritus, University of St. Thomas
  • John Buettner, Senior Program Manager, Donaldson Company
  • Sara Butwinick, Professional Development Chair, Twin Cities Rotaract
  • Cliff Carmody, Executive Director, SW/WC Service Cooperative
  • Dr. (Rev.) Robert Cavanna, Former Executive Director, Resource Training & Solutions
  • Scott Charlesworth-Seiler, 2001 Milken award winner
  • Brian Corlett, Superintendent, Central Public Schools ISD #108
  • Jeff Cotton, Managing Partner, Deloitte LLP
  • Don Craighead, Cofounder, CEO Emeritus, Power/mation , Rotary 5960
  • Linda Crawford, Founder and former Executive Director, The Origins Program
  • Charles Denny, Retired executive, ADC Telecommunications, Inc
  • Steve Dille, Former Minnesota State Senator
  • William Doherty, Professor and Director of the Citizen Professional Center, University of Minnesota
  • Education Minnesota
  • Brittney Edwards, Graduate student, University of Minnesota
  • Charles Eisenreich, Principal, Apollo High School
  • Chuck Ericksen, Community Education Director, ISD 622
  • Emma Ericksen, Director of Member Engagement, UnitedHealthcare
  • Ethical Leaders in Action, LLC, Charles A. Weinstein, President
  • Irene Fernando, Co-Executive Director, Students Today, Leaders Forever (STLF)
  • Donald M. Fraser, former United States Congressman, Minnesota Senator and Minneapolis Mayor
  • Jim Gelbmann, Minnesota Deputy Secretary of State
  • Terry Gilberstadt, Corporate Secretary, Horton Holding, Inc.
  • William W. George, Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business School; former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Medtronic, Inc.
  • Tim Groshens, Executive Director, Minnesota State Bar Association
  • John Harrington, Chief, Metro Transit Police; former MN State Senator
  • Don Helmstetter, Dean, College of Education, Concordia University, St. Paul
  • Tom Horner, 2010 IP Minnesota gubernatorial candidate, former Principal, Himle Horner Inc.
  • Bruce Jensen, Executive Director, Northwest Service Cooperative
  • Jim Kielsmeier, Founder & Senior Scholar, National Youth Leadership Council
  • Joann Knuth, former Executive Director, Minnesota Association of Secondary School Principals (MASSP)
  • Jim Kolar, Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
  • Jeremy Kovash, Executive Director, Lakes Country Service Cooperative
  • Brian S. Lassiter, President, Performance Excellence Network (formerly the Minnesota Council for Quality)
  • Jeanette Lehr, President, Via International
  • Jenni Lilledahl, Co-Owner, Brave New Workshop Theatre
  • Todd Lyscio, Executive Director, National Joint Powers Alliance
  • Stan Mack II, former Executive Director, Minnesota Board of School Administrators; Superintendent, Oshkosh Area School District
  • Whitney MacMillan, former chairman and CEO, Cargill
  • Mankato Area Council for Quality, Matt Chmielewski, President
  • Representative Carlos Mariani, District 65B; Executive Director, Minnesota Minority Education Partnership
  • Les Martisko, Chief Executive Officer, South Central Service Cooperative
  • Bob Meeks, Executive Director, Minnesota School Boards Association
  • Minnesota Academic League
  • Minnesota Sheriffs Asociation
  • Reverend Katherine S. Michael, Associate Pastor for Adult Education and Leadership Development, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Minneapolis
  • Bill Mittlefehldt, Northeast CERTs (Clean Energy Resource Teams) Coordinator
  • Roger Moe, President, National Strategies Inc.
  • Deborah L. Montgomery, Retired Senior Commander, Saint Paul Police Department
  • Patricia & Craig Neal, co-founders, Heartland Inc.; co-authors, The Art of Convening: Authentic Engagement
  • Leanna Nelson, Social Studies Teacher, Wayzata High School
  • Fred Nolan, Executive Director, Minnesota Rural Education Association
  • Jeffrey Olson, Co-founder, MN Student Leadership Seminar
  • Robert Osburn, Executive Director, Wilberforce Academy
  • Todd Otis, Director of Community Partnerships, Think Small (merged with Ready4K)
  • Carl G. Peterson, CPA, Peterson, Peterson & Associates, PLC
  • Paul Peterson, Principal, Saint Peter High School
  • Ann Postlewaite, former Director of Student Leadership, MASSP
  • Al Rausch, CEO, American Financial Printing Inc (AFPI)
  • Chris Richardson, Superintendent, Northfield Public Schools
  • Suzanne Riley, Executive Director, Southeast Service Cooperative
  • Mark Ritchie, Minnesota Secretary of State
  • Karen J. Rusthoven, Founder, Community of Peace Academy
  • Elaine Salinas, President, MIGIZI Communications
  • Holly Sampson, President, Duluth Superior Area Community Foundation
  • Ted Schick, M.Ed., CEO, Schick Corporate Learning
  • Jim Schwarzbauer, Teacher, Hermantown Public Schools
  • Jim Scheibel, Honorary Professor of Practice, Hamline University School of Business
  • Tim Sheie, Retired educator
  • Senator Kathy Sheran,  District 23
  • Mark Skeie, Executive Director, Vital Aging Network
  • Kelly D. Smith, Superintendent, Belle Plaine Public Schools
  • Wanda Sommers Wall, Director of Education & Innovation, South Central Service Cooperative
  • Jackie Starr, Parent Engagement Coordinator, Brooklyn Center ISD 286
  • The Minnesota Service Cooperatives
  • Doug Thomas, Executive Director, EdVisions Schools
  • G. Henk Touw, CEO Horton Holding, Inc.
  • Thomas Walkington, On-site Dean and Chief Learning Officer for Strayer University-Mankato
  • Ed Waltman, Retired Superintendent, Mankato Area Public Schools
  • Peter Yelle, Community Education Coordinator, Spring Lake Park Schools Community Education
  • Stephen B. Young, Global Executive Director, Caux Round Table
  • Asad Zaman, Senior Consultant, Designs for Learning; Policy Fellow, MN 2020       

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