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Citizens for an Ethical Minnesota grew out of a conversation in 2009 about the growing number of unethical behaviors reported in Minnesota and how to develop ethical citizens for Minnesota’s future. The WEM Foundation provided funding to explore this question and Synergy & Leadership Exchange took the lead in coordinating the statewide effort, which was the beginning of the initiative. 
During the next year, three statewide forums were held to secure agreement on the problem, create a shared vision, identify potential outcomes, garnish commitment from stakeholders and develop a leadership team to prioritize and implement actions. Forum participants discussed ways to address ethics in education and the workplace in order to discourage misconduct, as well as ways that a focus on ethics can inspire human well-being. Participants also served on task forces, and identified strategies and actions to advance the vision. 

Key accomplishments over the next four years included: 
  • Formation of a steering committee 
  • Development of a vision, mission and goals
  • Endorsements from over 90 leaders in public, private and independent sectors 
  • Development of website and collateral materials
  • Founding of the Minnesota Ethical Leadership Award; 14 community programs celebrated
  • Creation of citizenship principles wallet cards distributed at the Minnesota State Fair and other events
  • Presentations at local and national conferences and development/facilitation of values and ethics training
  • Crafting of Character Recognition Day proclamation signed by the governor
  • Established online platform for resources sharing 
  • Sponsorship of the Leading with Character conference. 

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