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Minnesota Academic League 

The Minnesota Academic League promotes and advocates for academic enrichment opportunities for students. It consists of academic enrichment program providers and volunteers representing academic challenge coordinators, educators and education stakeholder groups who meet regularly to review and approve academic enrichment programs that are available statewide and meet the established criteria. Approved programs are listed in the Reach for the Stars catalogue, a free resource for educators, families and students created and published yearly as a public service by Synergy & Leadership Exchange, with generous support from Jostens and the Minnesota Service Cooperatives. Contact for more information. 

Mission: To promote educational opportunities for students through academic challenges and advocate for academic enrichment activities.
Vision: A future in which all students have access to approved academic enrichment challenges and activities impacting both student achievement and growth.

Purpose: Review and approve programs and activities to educate and advocate for academic enrichment, and to promote the value of educational enrichment opportunities.

2019-2020 Reach for the Stars Catalogue (Acrobat PDF)

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Be Part of
Reach for the Stars!
Interested in having a program or activity approved by the Minnesota Academic League Council and included in Reach for the Stars? Complete the online application form to be considered:
Applicants are evaluated to determine the educational enrichment for schools and students, based on the following four criteria:
  1. Purpose: The primary intent is youth-centered, educational in nature, and encourages development and application of skills in an area of interest. 
  2. Inclusiveness: The program/activity encourages, welcomes and engages students of many backgrounds, interests and abilities and is offered throughout the state. It provides evidence of strategies and processes for reducing barriers to underserved audiences. 
  3. Sustainability: Evidence of a strong organizational structure.
  4. Evaluation: How and what is measured to ensure high-quality learning.
Thanks to the Minnesota Academic League affiliate members whose help make Reach for the Stars available.


Thank you to our Strategic Partners who help Synergy support academic enrichment opportunities for all Minnesota students and who assist with distribution of print versions of Reach for the Stars.

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