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Reach for the Stars Affilitates
Although we receive generous support from Lifetouch to print and distribute Reach for the Stars, we ask that you submit a small fee of $50 per program to help defray the costs of producing the catalogue and promoting your programs. Those who submit a fee are listed as Reach for the Stars Affiliates.

  • Your logo and an event photo will be displayed with your listing in the catalogue.
  • Your program will be listed as an Affiliate along with your logo on the back of the catalogue.
  • Your program will be listed as an Affiliate on the Synergy website along with a link to your website.
  • You will have the opportunity to include program news, event photos and competition results on our website, in Synergy's newsletter, "The Exchange," as well as social media sites (Facebook and Twitter).
  • You will have the opportunity to promote your program in the Synergy booth at conferences around the state, including the Education Minnesota Professional Conference. (Programs will be charged a reduced fee to participate, typically $20-50 per conference. Participation is optional and program may participate in only the conferences of interest to their program)

Reach for the Stars Affiliates:

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